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Portuguese Kale Soup

Rich Tomato Garlic Chicken Broth with Sautéed Linguica, Shredded Kale, Red Potatoes, Kidney Beans and Gnocchi **Served with a Roll

Thai Chicken Bowl

Garlic Basmati Rice, Peanut Roasted Chicken, Topped with Thin Sliced Cabbage, Bell Peppers, and Carrots garnished with Edamame, Cilantro, and Thai Chili Peanut Sauce

Gluten Free Rolled Oats

With: honey, agave, or brown sugar (0.25)
Dried fruit (0.50)
Seasonal fruit (0.75)
Almonds (1.00)
Local jam (1.00)
Coconut & cinnamon (0.10)

FFBowls Egg Scramble

3 farm fresh cracked eggs, applewood smoked bacon & red potatoes.
Served in a 5 ingredient fresh cooked wheat tortilla, garnished with jalapeño cheddar & pico de gallo

Add the veggies: zucchini (0.50)
spinach (0.25)
onions (0.25)

Vegan: No Eggs, No Bacon, No Cheese - add Veggies
GF: No Tortilla

Farm Fresh Fruit Bowl

Seasonal local fruit, almonds & honey
Add homemade granola (0.75)

Berry Acaí

Base: strawberry, blueberry, banana, Greek yogurt & acaí

Peanut Power Acaí

Base: strawberry, banana, peanut butter, Greek yogurt, chocolate milk & acaí
Topped with flaxseed

Chicken and Arugula Crunch Salad

Choose salad or tacos

Oat grouts, arugula, asian pears, mini bell peppers adn feta tossed in lemon dressing served with honey glazed chicken and garnished with chopped almonds

Beef Bulgogi Bowl

Coconut jasmine rice under bulgogi beef strips topped with spicy edamame sauté, carrots, and napa cabbage, garnished with a hard boiled egg and green onion.

Acaí - Berry - Cold Buster - Peanut Butter Banana

Drip Coffee

Iced Mocha Drip