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Because of our Dutch origin, we were both raised by families who cooked every meal, always ate together as a family and loved the food they shared.


This is how food and nutrition has grown from ‘loving it’ into ‘being passionate about it’.

We believe in the pureness and powerful impact of food. This is why we only cook with wholesome ingredients without any chemicals and preservatives. Each meal is nutritionally balanced between food groups and portions.

We love our local farmers and want to share with you all the flavors that exist in the nature around us.


Farm Fresh Bowls is how we will deliver health to you.


- Jacque & Kristen


Enjoy the taste of natural food,

enjoy the taste of Farm Fresh Bowls


A Dutch word with no English equivalent, but it means to be in a pleasant and cozy atmosphere with loved ones. It is something like family time.

At Farm Fresh Bowls we create this 'gezellige' atmosphere.


We want to share the memories and feelings of growing up in families where all meals were home cooked and enjoyed together as a family. 


Everything in our bowls is usable energy. All the bowls are nutritionally balanced. We love to say, 'Have a great day,' because this is going to make your day great. You are going to feel good after eating it. 



We cook with seasonal ingredients that are locally sourced. There is so much that can be found in the nature around us and we want to share this with you. 

A big part of Farm Fresh Bowls is also impacting the lives of our employees. We care about them, and they care about our guests.

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